Yuri Brown

Wow!  I had a great summer this summer!  I did so many fun things, really took quite a few risks, met quite a lot of really cool people and it's not even over yet !  How awesome is that.  Fall approaches and with it a wealth of television and film opportunities.  After my summer break I am so looking forward to it.  My agent is moving out of town and therefore I am in pursuit of new representation.  I met a lovely man Norman of Expose Talent, but I haven't heard from him lately, though he assured me that he'd like to work with me I think he's busy with more pressing projects.  He likes producing and packaging projects.  I find that very cool and hope to work with him on my new internet series.  I just got new pictures and am in the midst of editing my new tape so it seems that the world is full of new opportunities!  It's fun when you have new material to share with new people.  I think that the word "new" has definitely been this summers operative word.